RCS Solutions, Inc.

RCS Solutions, Inc. is a provider of custom web and business software solutions with a variety of development tools and frameworks, including:

  • Visual Studio
  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Visual FoxPro
  • West Wind Web Connection
  • Javascript
  • jQuery

Have a VFP application that needs to talk to a Web Service? Or maybe you need to convert your VFP backend to SQL Server? We have a lot of experience building interop components for VFP and migrating VFP data and applications into SQL Server.

Do you have a desktop application that needs to integrate credit card processing? Communicate with credit card scanners? Barcoding? Yep, we can help with that too.

Just not sure if we can handle your project? Ask us. If we think you'd be better suited with an off-the-shelf solution, or even a different vendor we'll let you know. Our goal is to make happy customers, even if that means pointing you to someone else.


Need help with a project or someone to bounce development ideas off of? Stuck on a tricky problem? We're here to help!

Custom Software

We've been building desktop & web apps. for 15 years. Let us help you solve your business problems with software.

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RCS Solutions, Inc.

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